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Roger Stephens
President /Founder

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Problem-Educational shortcomings, time and cost-

❖ Function Back Education Paradigm - Next Generation LMS

Web - enabled didactic content, entry - level, cont. Edu. level, technical, and professional Level Subscription Driven with Community integration and interface.

Problem-1st Response is overwhelmed

❖Community Interface training, policy & procedure, ETC.

Solution for when the community is the 1st Responder

A man pointing to a group of students in front of computers.

Problem-Expansive equipment needs, human resource needs, energy, and communications needs

❖ Disaster, Pandemic, and Emergency Response

Mobile and fixed Position Medi - ARC System

EMR Response Container System: Phase 1 Incident Command


Nutrition/Culinary ARC

Lavatory/Shower/Hygiene ARC

Community Living Quarters ARC

Redundant “Off Grid” Energy and Communications Package

Bridge Tech Institute: Medical/first response/Community interface EMR.

❖ Short-focused professional classes with integrated practicum

❖ Integrated clinical solutions

❖ Electronic Resume

❖ Continuing career ladder-Bridge P & P

❖ Continuing education

Subscription Driven - With transferable Contact hrs. to Academic credit structure

4/1. Less cost, greater returns

When the Academic Model is not adequate, The Bridge Brings When the Disaster & EMR is not adequate for the scope of the disaster, whether fire/flood/earthquake, natural disasters, or pandemic - The Bridge Brings - True off the Grid Community Interface

❖ EMR Response Container System: Phase 1

❖ Medi - ARC

❖ Nutrition/Culinary ARC

❖ Lavatory/Shower/Hygiene ARC

❖ Living Quarters ARC

❖ Higher proficiency with our diversified Technicians

Bridge Tech Value Proposition in well-being, as well as revenue generation, is limitless.

(Veterans interface, 501 c3 interface. Bridge Chaplaincy)

Hygiene ARK

❖I believe the potential is that the Bridge, unlike the standard business model, is truly an evolutionary paradigm based on the solution for catastrophic events that would seem to be inevitable.

So, our focus is on functional solutions;

❖Education – Integrated Practicum – 1st Responder team, Community Interface, Fixed Facility- Bridge Chaplaincy - Feet on the Ground

❖VA/American Heart/FEMA/CERT/ADAPT/Technical/Professional  Memberships. Palo Alto (The Bridge Project VA)

❖Medi and Community ARK System Slides follows

❖Bridge Chaplaincy - Interface

❖Community Homeless Solution

Incident Command

Bridge Who has the money — Our Market-Community -

❖I have focused on self - funding to this point, the Bridge Tech. Foundation is an LLC. I have three members of the LLC that is all sweat equity. I own 84% of the LLC; we have a reserve of stakeholders' shares. My outflow right now is approx. $1200 a month.

❖We owe no one anything

❖We have clear funding needs

❖We have a robust site that is about 75% complete, with the rebuild being operational is 5/15- Days

❖We have clear Administrative needs

❖To achieve primary market capture and achieve the first three-month milestones, our primary tool is direct access through Bridge Technologies Foundation's social media market entry push. The primary focus of the initial push is the four largest social media directories, as well as a focused push on an individually focused private network, utilizing LinkedIn as the private Rolodex of Bridge Technologies. The private network push, we have 3000 colleagues and associates who are anxious to participate as subscribers and educational developers. We will also be focused directly on nursing associations and 1st responder specialty Associations in the first three months.

❖Simultaneous Market Capture will be focused on the areas considered Beta Test Communities, Northern Ca./Reno NV and 100 Mile Radius

❖Veterans and Disabled Veteran Programs and external utilization point for the Bridge Project in the VA in Palo Alto, CA.

❖Upon searching, we find there are several points of competition in each sector of the Bridge Paradigm.

❖The primary point is the Bridge's unique function back, community interface with the Bridge Chaplaincy, and veteran's integration as “Feet on the Ground” is a true stand - alone paradigm.

❖The Question is the proof of the first year. To meet our goals, the need is funding, administrate leadership, presence, and follow - through.

❖More research is always the way as we go to market.

❖Roger Stephens - President Founder

❖Bill Owens MBA - Director Bridge Disaster and EMR

❖Web Address –

Bridge Tech

Roger Stephens
President /Founder