My name is Roger Stephens and we at the Bridge Foundation Chaplaincy are very excited to begin a conversation to establish for each of us as individuals a place to go where we can discern the truth of the information, and as a community apply those truths to our community, society, family and friends. To achieve a state of well-being based on Love, Compassion, and Gratitude.

We want to open conversations that help us discover who we really are and where the truth lies. One of the areas we want to delve into is,

Also, we will delve into the power of Meditation by not only experiencing great balancing meditations but as we move along together we will open ancient portals that are based not outside of us but are inside. As simple as looking in as opposed to looking out.

One class we will be doing very shortly is Meditative Immunology, healing, and Finding the creative tools we have come to this plane of existence with but have possibly lost our ability to utilize.

These are journeys that are not tied to anyone, but are totally Secular individually and thus connected to everyone and everything. The secret is, I believe it is extremely exciting and I look forward to having great discussions and experiences as we all achieve well-being.

We are finishing up our website which is devoted to advocacy and education for everyone.

Chaplain Stephens, Alias Rev. Raj. Love and light

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