The Next Generation in
Community Solutions

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To provide next-generation disaster and emergency preparedness solutions for communities, businesses, and agencies, nationally and worldwide. To become a leader in community building, and services, by providing transformative solutions to our veterans and other chronically homeless individuals.

To become the leader in comprehensive digital continuing education and career development (entry-level to advanced academic pathways) for the medical community, first responders, veterans, and others.

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Our vision is for an “at ready posture” for community, state, and federal disaster and emergency responses. In times of natural disasters, agencies will be equipped with immediate, next - generation, mobile emergency equipment that brings to bear self - contained power, communications, and medical response mobile command centers, stand - alone, and not reliant on existing infrastructure.

Our vision includes providing an online portal for first responders and technicians’ initial training and continuing education, as well as offering (entry - level to advanced academic) pathways for veterans and others who strive to make a better life for themselves.

Finally, we envision our business communities large, and small, global, and local, trained and equipped in disaster preparedness and response.


Do the Right Thing: We are guided by a solid moral compass. We stand for what is just and right and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards.

Grace: We esteem & trust one another every day.

Be Pioneers: We innovate and push for boundless creativity through curiosity.

Trust & Candor: We build trust through constructive, candid communication that serves the common good.

Alignment & Accountability: We align around a decision, and each contributes to and are accountable for its success.

Relentlessness & Humility: We are relentless in our pursuits of major victories and humble in our successes.

Play: We never turn down a reason to celebrate. We get a lot done and have fun along the way.